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City of Tea Ordinances

Ordinance Reminders

The City would like to remind residents of a few important ordinances that are enforced year-round.

We appreciate your help in making the City of Tea a community we can all be proud of.

Off-Street Parking (Ord 159)

In addition to your concrete driveway, parking is allowed on a paved or non-organic dustless parking side yard space. All parking pads or driveway extensions need to be approved by the Planning & Zoning Office.

Parking in the rear yard is only allowed by a Conditional Use Permit. There is absolutely no parking in grass or dirt areas. Vehicles or other objects cannot block sidewalks.

Parking in the Street (Section 4.04 b)

Vehicles parked on City streets for more than 24 hours are declared abandoned and will be ticketed and towed.

This includes campers, boats, trailers, trucks, cars, 4-wheelers, etc. Construction vehicles & trailers directly associated with work in progress on the property are excluded. No commercial trailers can be stored in any residential district.

Grass/Weeds (Ord 198)

All grass and weeds on developed lots must be no greater than (six) 6 inches in height or (twelve) 12 inches on undeveloped lots.  Weeds are a problem every year and need to be kept under control. Dandelions and all thistles are declared noxious weeds.

Noncompliance will result in ticketing, the City resolving the nuisance, and charging all costs back to the property owner. 

Nuisances (Ord 198)

The following are considered to be a nuisance: any garbage, manure, rubbish, or other waste that tends to cause a danger to public health safety and welfare; anything that obstructs passage on any public sidewalk, ditch, or private street; anything that interferes with the comfortable enjoyment of life or tends to depreciate the value of the property of others is considered a nuisance.

Animals (Ord 199)

Owners shall not allow any animal to create a disturbance by making loud noises at any time of the day or night.

No animal is allowed to run at large. When an animal is off or away from the owner's premises, the animal must be on a leash. Anyone walking an animal on public or private property must carry a visible means of cleaning up any fecal matter left by the animal.

Sump Pumps (Ord 138)

No person shall discharge or cause to be discharged any storm sewer water, surface water, groundwater, roof runoff, subsurface drainage, cooling water, or unpolluted industrial process water to any sanitary sewer.

Please remove sump pump hoses that are connected to the city sewer system. Mainline camera inspections can determine if illegal pumping is happening and violators can be charged up to a $200.00 fine.


All sidewalks must remain clear for pedestrian traffic. No trip hazards or obstructions are allowed on City sidewalks. For example sump pump hoses, vehicles, debris, basketball hoops, toys, etc.

Tree Trimming (Section 9.05 C)

It is the duty of all property owners to prune trees in such a manner that they do not obstruct or shade the street lights, obstruct the passage of pedestrians on sidewalks, obstruct the vision of traffic signs, or obstruct the view of any street or alley intersection. The minimum clearance of any overhanging portion of a tree shall be:

  •  10 feet whenever practical (over sidewalks)
  •  12 feet overall streets
  •  14 to 16 feet on truck thoroughfares

Noncompliance will result in ticketing, fines & the costs to remove the nuisance will be charged to the homeowner. Ordinances are enforced year-round.

*To report any nuisance, please contact the Tea Police Dept Non-Emergency phone at (605) 498-5577.

City Hall

City of Tea (605) 498-5194 600 E. 1st St. Tea SD 57064 US 42.78634000 -96.93182500