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OPENING DAY:   Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Pool  Pass Cost 2024:  Click here to Register
          Family $70.00
          Single Child $35.00
          Single Adult $40.00
          Senior (over 55) $35.00

Pool Information:

Address:  225 E. Brian St.   Tea, SD  57064

Phone:  605-498-0150



Sunday: 12–5 PM, 6:30–8 PM

Monday: 12–5 PM, 6:30–8 PM

Tuesday: 12–5 PM, 6:30–8 PM

Wednesday: 12–5 PM, 6:30–8 PM

Thursday: 12–5 PM, 6:30–8 PM

Friday: 12–5 PM, 6:30–8 PM

Saturday: 12–5 PM, 6:30–8 PM



- Adults (18 & Up):  $4.00

- Children (2-17):  $2.00

- Seniors (55 & Up):  $2.00

- Children under the age of 2 can enter free of charge.


The City has recently changed  the online registration system to Community Pass.  EVERYONE will be required to create a new account.  If purchasing a membership and/or signing up for swimming lessons in person, please try to create your account BEFORE visiting the pool or City Hall.  See instructions below.

KEY TAGS.  If you would like to use your key tag from previous years, please email the tag numbers and who they belong to, and we can add them.  Also email if you would like to have your tag mailed.  Otherwise, they can be picked up at City Hall or at the pool after the pool opens. Email:

PHOTOS.  The new system does allow you to upload your own photo.  If you are unable to upload a photo, a photo will need to be taken either at City Hall or on your first visit to the pool.  To speed up your first visit to the pool it is encouraged to upload a photo.

If needed, we will try to make arrangements to visit daycare centers to assist with photos and key tags before the pool opens.

To create a new account click the "Click Here"  button below 
1)    Complete the required the create button
2)    Accept Community Pass  Privacy Policy and click finish
3)    Click my account in the upper left hand corner
4)    Scroll down to  "Update Account Information"  to add family members
5)    Click Add (child) (adult) (right side) and complete the required information please note you are able to upload a photo during this process; Click the gold (add child) or (add adult) button
6)     After all family members have been added, click "home" in the  upper left hand corner
7)     To register for lessons or pool passes, click the gold "Click Here to Register" button 
8)     Verify account and click continue to register for lessons or pool pass


City Hall

City of Tea (605) 498-5194 600 E. 1st St. Tea SD 57064 US 42.78634000 -96.93182500