Snow Alerts

City of Tea snow alert information can be found on the following news stations - KELO, KSFY & KDLT.
To receive text messages when a snow alert is issued, text 'TEA' to 605-610-1383.

Snow Alert - Typically declared when snow accumulates on streets of 2 or more inches.

When a snow alert is issued, all streets are declared emergency snow routes and will be plowed immediately. ALL vehicles, trailers, etc. need to be removed from ALL streets immediately and should not be placed back onto the street until it has been plowed from curb to curb. Please note - depending on the snow fall, the wind and the piling of the snow, some streets may be plowed multiple times during a snow alert.

Ticketing and towing will occur when a snow alert is issued. Snow alert tickets can be paid by cash, check, Visa, MasterCard or Discover to:
Tea City Hall
600 E. 1st St. - PO Box 128
Tea, SD 57064

Phone: 498-5191

To find more information regarding a towed vehicle or a ticket, please contact the Tea Police Department non-emergency phone at 498-5577.

Plowing of streets can occur without a snow alert in effect. In this instance, any vehicles on the street will be plowed around. To ensure your vehicle is not plowed in, it is recommended to move your vehicle off the street during all snowfalls.

Damaged Mail Boxes
It is the City of Tea policy that if the plow hits a mail box creating damage, we will fix it. If the snow coming off of the plow hits the mail box and creates damage, it is the homeowners responsibility to fix the mail box. Very rarely does a plow hit a mail box, however the plows are aware of the ones that they do hit. We will contact the homeowner and fix the mail box in a timely matter.

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