Tea Fire Department


The Public Information section of the Tea Volunteer Fire Department is always looking for ways to enrich the community in which we serve. We currently encourage the school district in which we provide fire, rescue and hazmat service to continue to do the good job that they have done in promoting fire safety with the fire drills, participating in fire prevention week each year and by distributing fire prevention poster/color books for the elementary kids.


We encourage the adults to join us in participating in a future ongoing training programs by teaching their children how to safely cook without causing a fire, smoke detector battery checks and the “Stop, Drop and Roll” program.  We encourage all adults to be proactive when it comes to fire prevention!


Public Relations are also responsible for coordinating the activities of the fire department with the public and other fire departments. Activities such as Fire Prevention engagements, fire department trucks for parades, open house for businesses, grand openings, church functions and any other needs the community might have for the fire department. Anyone, whether living in an apartment or house, may request for a scheduled appointment for the equipment and building facilities that the Tea Volunteer Fire Department has to offer. We as a fire department are always eager to lend a helping hand to our community, schools and neighbors.

Firefighter, Angie Munce is our Public Relation Officer.  You can contact her at angiemunce.am@gmail.com or 351-0194.

For suggestions on our website or any questions, email tea@iw.net