Sump Pump Notice
Please be advised that City of Tea Ordinance 138, Section 11.04 (e) Sewer provisions, Certain Act Prohibited states in part: ‘No person shall discharge or cause to be discharged any storm sewer water, surface water, ground water, roof runoff, subsurface drainage, cooling water or unpolluted industrial process water to any sanitary sewer.” Please remove any sump pump hoses that are connected to the city sewer system. Main line camera inspections can determine if illegal pumping is happening and violators can be charged up to a $200.00 fine.

Trim Your Trees
According to City of Tea Ordinance Section 9.05 (c) Municipal Trees states in part: “It is the duty of all property owners to prune trees in such mater that they do not obstruct or shade the street lights, obstruct the passage of pedestrians on sidewalks, obstruct vision of traffic signs, or obstruct view of any street or alley intersection. The minimum clearance of any overhanging portion shall be 10 feet whenever practical and 12 feet over all streets except truck thoroughfares where the clearances shall be from 14 to 16 feet.”

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