Moving to Tea/Utility Services

Welcome and thank you for making Tea your home!  If there are any questions you have, please feel free to contact Tea City Hall at 498-5191, email or stop in,
we are located at 600 E. 1st St. right next to Sunshine Foods.

Snow alerts, water emergencies, construction, road closures. Get Tea's latest information by signing up of for My Town Text.
Text Tea to 605.610.1383.

The following is a list of Utilities that you will need to contact:
Water & Sewer Service:
         City of Tea: 605-498-5194
                 - A $50 deposit will be applied to your first bill, this is refundable when you move out.
                 - Bills are mailed out by the 10th business day of the month, due around the 20th of the month or the date stated on the bill.
                 - Set up automatic payments with your debit/credit card or a voided check. More information.
              - Water & Sewer Rate Details
 Electric Service
         Xcel Energy: 1-800-895-4999 (for most areas of town)
                                 Electric Emergency/Lights Out 1-800-895-1999
                                 24-Hour Customer Service 1-800-895-4999
                                 Builders Call Line 1-800-628-2121
                                 Street Light Outage Reporting 1-800-960-6235
         Southeastern Electric: 1-800-333-2859 - for all areas east of Heritage Parkway, north of Brian Street, & west of Deerview Ave.
Gas Service
         Mid American Energy: 1-888-427-5632
                                 Emergency Gas Leaks: 1-800-595-5325

Cable TV, Telephone, Internet
         Vast Broadband: 1-888-745-2888
         Midco: 1-800-888-1300
Garbage Service
           RBS Sanitation aka Scott Bolte Sanitation: 605-647-5371 

           Novak Sanitary Service: 605-338-7126   
           Waste Management: 605-338-6611
           A-OK Sanitary:  605-331-1103
Mail Service
           Set up your mail service at the Tea Post Office located at 502 E. Figzel Court (just north of Sunshine Foods). Phone 605.368.2871.
           Mailbox Installation Information

Animal Licensing
All dogs and cats must be licensed with the City of Tea. City licenses are issued at the Tea Veterinary Clinic located at 710 E. Figzel Court behind Subway. Proof of vaccination is required. Sufficient medical proof must be provided when licensing a neutered/spayed dog or cat.
License Fee Schedule - 2 year fee for an original and renewal dog or cat
Neutered/Sprayed Dog $10.00
Neutered/Sprayed Cat$10.00
Unneutered/Unspayed Dog $50.00
Unneutered/Unspayed Cat$25.00
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