Tea Fire Department

The Tea Fire Department is a 100% Volunteer department which is dedicated to the community of Tea, its businesses, friends and neighbors. Our members provide primary fire suppression and emergency medical service to the City of Tea proper and a 52 square mile area of LincolnCounty that immediately surrounds the City of Tea. We operate 7 tactical companies that respond from one fire station. These companies maintain a high operational tempo due to a rural service area that generates roughly 200 emergency responses each year.  


Our organizational motto is “Taking Pride in Excellence” and we are blessed with members who live up to that motto every day. I could not be more proud of the level and quality of service that our members provide to our community and this website will showcase who they are and the work that they do.


The Tea Fire Department is connected to the Tea City Hall building, which is located at 600 East 1st St. 

Fire Chief: Jeff Stahlecker - Phone 660-3674 - jeffstahlecker@hotmail.com

1st Asst Chief: Steve Oberle - Phone 728-5523 - soberle@teafire.org  
2nd Asst Chief: Bryan Baker - Phone 940-5917 - bakerleeb@hotmail.com

President: Barry Maag - Phone 321-0291 - bdmagg@gmail.com
Treasurer: Wayne Abels - Phone 498-0308 - westwayne@hotmail.com
Public Relations: Angie Munce - Phone 351-0194 - angiemunce.am@gmail.com

Captains: Bob Venard, Rick Baker, Chad Baker, Brett Miller, Chris Schrum
Board Members: Tom Niemeyer, Don McLeer, Owen Richards, Jeremy Dunkelberger,

Lynn DeYoung




For suggestions on our website or any questions, email tea@iw.net