Tea Bucks

How do I purchase TEA BUCKS?

•   Tea Bucks are available to purchase at Tea City Hall - 600 E. 1st St. Tea, SD 57064
     with check or cash.

•   Not sure what gift to buy someone? TEA BUCKS make a great birthday, Christmas or gift
any occasion because it can be used at any Tea Area Business or purchase TEA BUCKS for  
    yourself to use.

•   Must purchase TEA BUCKS in $25 increments, however you are able to get multiple 
    denominations. For example - Buy $25 in TEA BUCKS and get a $15 TEA BUCK and 
    a $10 TEA BUCK ($5 minimum).

•   To use TEA BUCKS, write in the business name where you would like to use your
     TEA BUCKS and the date. It’s that easy. 

•   The only stipulation - Your total purchase must be equal to or greater than the 
     TEA BUCKS amount. No change will be given.

How does a business accept TEA BUCKS?

•   Tea Bucks can be used at any Tea Area Business that accepts checks.

•   When a customer uses their Tea Bucks, they will fill in the name of the business where they
    are making their purchase and the date.

•   The business would then accept the Tea Bucks just like they would any check from a customer.

•   The customers total purchase should be equal to or greater than the amount of the Tea Bucks check. 
     No change should be given.

•   If your business chooses not to accept the Tea Bucks checks, please Tea City Hall as soon as possible.



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