Tea Police Department

The Tea Police Department is a progressive department that is committed to providing high quality, community orientated police services.  The department strives to educate its officers with advance training to provide a safe and secure community for those who live, work and visit Tea.


The Tea Police Department is a 24-hour law enforcement agency handling roughly 5,000 calls throughout the year.  The department consists of 6 sworn, full-time police officers and additional part-time officers.  Among their many duties, the department also has a School Resource Officer and DARE Officer to educate the youth of Tea.

Tea Police Department Finger Printing
Tuesday 1-3 pm, $10.00 per card for Tea residents, $20 per card for non Tea residents. Must call to set up an appointment, 498-5577.

Finger printing for Tea Area School District employees must be set up thru the school.

The Police Department is located at 120 S. Main Street - Corner of 1st St. and Main Ave., just east of Cubby's Gas Station.


Tea Ordinances

Our Officers
Chief Jessica Quigley - Email jessica.quigley@iw.net

Assistant Chief Brian Tvedt - Email brian.tvedt@iw.net
Officer Martin Waller - Email martin.waller@iw.net
Officer Vance Siemonsma - Email v.siemonsma@vastbb.net

Officer Adrian Hoesli  a.hoesli@vastbb.net
Officer Andrew Steinberg a.steinberg@iw.net




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